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Re-commissioned 27th May 2013

The 110Ships, Their Fate
and Their Badges

There were 123 Algerines laid down originally, 13 of which were cancelled. Of the 110 completed, 98 were commissioned by the Royal Navy, some being on loan from the USN and returned after the war. Some of these, and also some of the RN were later sold to foreign navies, two of such going to the Republic of South Africa.
The 98 ships' badges of the RN have been compiled onto six pages. These are alphabetically listed on each page as indicated below, 16 on each of the first five pages and 18 on page six. There is an additional seventh page containing the badges of the two associated shore establishment's.
Only 9 of the 12 Canadian ships badges are currently available and these are contained on one page.
Similarly, the badge's of the two ships sold to the Republic of South Africa, are on their own page. Sadly, as of today, 1st March 2005, they have had to be temporarily withdrawn pending permission to display them.
Details of the ships serving with the Royal Navy precedes the list of badges on each page and the following notes explain meanings of the abbreviations used etc.
a) Abbreviations:
AM: American Fleet Minesweeper; Bly:Blyth S B & Co; B.U.:Broken up; Coll.: Collingwood (Canada); C.T.L.:Constructive Total Loss; Dart.: Dartmouth Squadron; ECSWM: Executive Committee Surplus War Materials; (FE): Far East; F/F: Fleming/Ferguson (Paisley); FPF: Fishery Protection Flotilla; FPS: Minesweeping and Fishery Protection Squadron; H/W: Harland and Wolff (Belfast); Lob.: Lobnitz (Renfrew); MSF: Minesweeping Flotilla; MSS: Minesweeping Squadron - this title used in the 1950's; P.A.: Port Arthur (Canada); Pal. Pat.: Palestine Patrol; RCN: Royal Candian Navy; Ren.: Renamed; Ros. Tr.: Rosyth Training Squadron; S.B.Co.: Shipbuilding Company; Tor.: Toronto Shipyard (Canada); USN: United States Navy; FOCBNFG: Flag Officer Commanding British Naval Forces Germany;
Numbers in front (e.g. 6MSF) indicate Number of Flotilla/Squadron.
b) Pendant Numbers
Flag J was used by all Algerines until 1948, after which it was replaced by Flag M. Most retained their original numbers but a few were amended, either by dropping the first digit (e.g. COURIER became M49 from J349) or completely changing (e.g. SKIPJACK J300 became M17). Both Pendant numbers are included in the list where appropriate.

RN Ensign
Royal Navy
1 Acute - Coquette
2 Courier - Jewel
3 Laertes - Mary Rose
4 Melita - Persian
5 Pickle - Romola
6 Rosamund - Welfare
7 Shore Side

RCN Ensign
RSA Ensign
Canada Republic of South Africa
RCN Badges RSA Badges

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