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War & Post War Activities
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Times of Malta
26th May 1946 Page 3
19th Minesweeping Flotilla to Leave

The 19th Minesweeping Flotilla, with a record of splendid work behind them, are leaving Malta. Under the command of Commander F. S. Walford, R.N., the flotilla has covered a wide field, ranging from the Aegean Sea to Malta, thus contributing largely to clearing the Mediterranean of a continual potential danger and ensuring the safety of an all-important peacetime shipping route.
The 19th Rinaldo (Commander F.S. Walford, R.N.) 103 mines; Rosario (Commander R.W. Wainewright, D.S.C., R.N.), 205 mines; Waterwitch (Lieutenant-Commander W.D. Pitcher, R.D., R.N.R.), 279 mines; Spanker (Lieutenant-Commander G.R. Paterson, R.N.), 458 mines; Brave (Lieutenant J.C. Lapage, R.N.), 325 mines; Fancy (Lieutenant-Commander T.C.W. Blay, R.N.V.R.), 227 mines; Arcturus (Lieutenant-Commander P Woolven, R.N.), 130 mines; Aries, 156 and Antares 25 mines. The Aries and Antares have now changed their flotilla.
To the officers and men of the 19th Minesweeping Flotilla Malta tenders a thankful good-bye.

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