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The 11th MSF
(Minesweeping Flotilla)

The last wartime flotilla of “Algerines”, albeit for only a few weeks was the 11th consisting entirely of Canadian-built vessels and comprising LIONNESS (SO), FLYING FISH, MAENAD, and GOLDEN FLEECE (both from the 10th MSF), JASEUR, LAERTES and LYSANDER. PROMPT which should have joined the flotilla was never able to do so, being irreparably damaged by a mine on 9th May, 1945 when acting as Minesweeping HQ-ship for the Minesweeping Force of MMS and ML’s opening up the port of Rotterdam.

The ships of the 11th spent the first five months of 1945 on a variety of duties; GOLDEN FLEECE taking part in “Operation Shred” with the 10th MSF and as navigational leader for convoys to Norway, MAENAD acoustic sweeping for the QUEEN MARY and QUEEN ELIZABETH off Canada and later sweeping with the 40th MSF (“Catherines”) in the Kattekat and Skaggerak; JASEUR trial minesweeping for VERNON scientists and working with the 1st MSF (“Halcyons”) off the East Coast and LYSANDER on escort duties off the East Coast. The flotilla first began minesweeping as a unit in May 1945 when LIONNESS (SO), FLYING FISH, JASEUR, LAERTES and LYSANDER undertook clearance sweeping in the Clyde. This was followed by further sweeping off the Calf of Man, in the process cutting 116 mines. The flotilla was based at Liverpool during this period and eventually relieved by the newly formed post-war 3rd MSF of Algerines.

It was not before time that the 11th was relieved as all the ships were suffering from defects due to a lengthy period of minesweeping without proper maintenance. Consequently it was not until refits had taken place that, in November, the flotilla now joined by MAGICIENNE and comprising LIONNESS (SO), FLYING FISH, JASEUR, and MAENAD, left the UK for the Far East where they were met by LYSANDER and LAERTES. For a brief period MINSTREL also joined the flotilla. Working out from Singapore the flotilla carried out mine clearance in the Berhala Strait, and then remained in the Far East, finally going into reserve in Singapore in March, 1947.

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