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The 10th MSF
(Minesweeping Flotilla)

Scapa Flow, in January 1945 was the birthplace of the 10th MSF as COURIER (SO), SERENE, GOLDEN FLEECE, FELICITY, HARE, WAVE and JEWEL came together to form yet another Algerine flotilla. On 21st February the flotilla took part in Operation "Shred", a minelaying strike off Norway, together with a cruiser and destroyer force and escorting a number of escort carriers. This was followed by a period of sweeping off the east coast of England and off the Belgium and Dutch coasts, clearing passages into Hamburg and Cuxhaven along with numerous other minesweepers. At the end of July the flotilla had undergone a number of changes and then comprised COURIER (SO), FELICITY, HARE, LIBERTY, MINSTREL, WELCOME, WAVE, SERENE and MICHAEL. Shortly after the 10th left for the Far East, coming together again at Hong Kong in November, where MINSTREL left to join the 11th MSF.

For the next seven months the 10th undertook mine clearance duties based at Singapore and Hong Kong, operating in the North Borneo area. One particular four-day sweeping period resulted in cutting 153 mines, 60 of them on one day. Their duties in the Far East complete the flotilla returned to UK in September, 1946 where most of the ships went direct into reserve. Although almost too late for the war the flotilla had duly carried out its minesweeping clearance role before disbanding.

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